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afd3a No.54

This forum became infants with leukemia with the plebbob shit posting and the normie memes. I blame it on the kikes, and hitler for not wiping them all off the map in the first place, also, they really need to reboot cagney and lacey but make them muslim nigger-dikes who are dealing with the effects of aids and hep c (both of which they had unfortunately given to eachother) and lack of colonoscopies, (of which they would recieve hourly for no apparent reason due to the all new uni-health law) all taking place on the mean streets of lebanon

fd2b4 No.56

File: 1509561002786-0.png (92.14 KB, 720x720, 22853168_1975427392727213_….png)

this is the type of content i live for

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